Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home allows you to be a room designer working for money

Home Sweet Home is a strategy game developed by Big Blue Bubble. The game's setting is very basic. You are a start-up house designer and you have just joined Dee Ziner's agency. You must go to her clients' houses (which are your clients too) and redesign them according to what they want. In total, you have to redesign rooms for around 50 different clients. It sounds simple, but at later stages it is not. You are given a budget for the project, and the time for it to be built. So first you go to planning stage, where you are given the information of what the client wants for the room. However, this is not always straightforward, so a lot of thought is required to get the right satisfaction levels. Even object placement is crucial to solve these puzzles. Once you are happy, and the customer is happy with the design, you go into the building mode. You select the workers and the object they must build. The challenge here is to coordinate them appropriately so they can finish in time. It all plays out as it is supposed, with the exception of some odd logical errors. The game looks good, plays good and feels good. Very recommended.

Ismael Mireles
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  • Good theme
  • Great game styles


  • Some game logics are flawed
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